What is gel ice bag?

Cool bag (ice gel) high-level specialized food.

GEL-ICE PACK is a GEL product manufactured by advanced technology. GEL, when dissolved in water, forms a naturally bonded mixture. After hardening, GEL is always cool in insulating condition, making the product always ensure the required storage temperature. This high quality gel is different from the currently popular gel in the market because of its absolute safety when used with food. The composition of the premium gel is high in food. :

– PE bag is guaranteed by QCVN 12-1: 2011 – BYT on food safety

– Gel composition: Mixture of natural chemical ingredients. Tested for safety in direct contact with the product.

In the case of repeated reuse, the packaging may be punctured, torn, and the inside gels extruded to ensure the safety of food products.



– Especially for fresh seafood and fresh vegetables for export.

– Preserving candy, ice cream, chocolate, royal jelly, milk, …

– Preserving medicines, vaccines

In addition, GEL also has other uses such as: hot and cold spray with high fever, keep food cold for outdoor excursions …


– GEL bag in the liquid before use to put bags in the freezer to freeze, after the bag has been frozen to put in a bucket or cold storage to preserve.

– GEL bags that have been frozen can keep the product cool within 20 hours of melting if stored well.

– Bags can be refrigerated can be used many times, but the cold retention time will be reduced.

Note when used: Keep the bag kept intact, do not let the gel stick to food and keep out of reach of children. However, in case of ingestion of gel fluid, it is not life-threatening.

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