About Hoang Thanh Corp

HOANG THANH CORP is an enterprise that manufactures and distributes deep-frozen products, supporting the aquaculture,food and vaccin industries in the preservation, domestic and international transportation: ICE GEL PACK . With many years of experience in this industry, we guarantee to bring our customers good, safe, affordable and more perfect service. With a large factory system, we are confident of supplying about 10 tons of cargo a day to the market.

FOR WHOLE SALE CUSTOMER: For customers signing contracts of 2 tons of gel stones per month, the logo on product will be free printed.

AGENCY POLICY: We apply preferential treatment to agents with the consumption of 3 tons of gel stone per month (free printing packaging). Agent prices are more favorable than others.

In addition, we are also confident of selling the Blasting machine importing directly from Taiwan, to the market. This is the most modern cleaning technology today. Enterprises can use our dry ice blasting machine for industrial dry cleaning services.

Gọi: 0918. 068.157