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Refrigerate food, biological specimens and other perishables. They are used extensively in the food industry. This stone is produced by compressing the carbon dioxide into liquid, removing the heat generated by the compression process and then rapidly expanding the CO2. This dilution lowers the temperature and causes some of the CO2 to freeze into “snow”, then “snow” is compressed into blocks or blocks.

Produce “dry ice fog” to create special effects. As the dry ice comes into contact with the water, carbon dioxide freezes up into a mixture of cold carbon dioxide gas and damp cold air. This produces condensation and fog formation; See also fog maker. The fog effect of dry ice mix with water is best created with warm water. Dry ice is commonly used in refrigerating or store fresh vegetables, seafood, etc. In addition, dry ice is used in preserving biological tissue and medical equipment, industrial hygiene, preservation of the body, Smoke in the stage wedding banquet, music …

Small dry ice pellets (instead of sand) are fired onto the surface to be cleaned. Dry ice is not as hard as sand, but it speeds up the process by sublimation so that nothing else exists on the surface to be cleaned and almost does not produce dusty dust.

Increases rain from clouds or reduces cloud thickness by crystallizing water in clouds.

Production of carbon dioxide gas is needed in systems such as inert fuel tanks in B-47 aircraft.

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