About us


HOANG THANH CORP – Hoang Thanh Production Trading Manufacturing Co., Ltd is the familiar address of many customers all over the country, we are now being trusted by our customers and partners. , the products have deep cold prestige in the market of Vietnam.

Established as the demand for refrigeration is increasing in the context of the developed economy, the transportation of goods spreading extensively from domestic and international, HOANG THANH CORP was founded on the desire to contribute to deep-frozen products, support for the seafood industry, food industry as well.

With advantages such as deep cold, no noise water, long product preservation, dry ice or gel bags (Ice Gel Pack) is becoming one of the smartest choice today. More importantly, Hoangthanhcorp’s products ensure absolute hygiene safety from the most difficult customers.

Business Areas

With over 5 years of experience in the market, with 1000m2 plant system, up to now, HOANG THANH CORP is proud to offer various services and products such as:

  • Production and distribution: dry ice, Ice Gel Pack to help preserve, refrigerate food, medical products for agents, customers across the country.
  • Sale and rental of CO2 dry ice machine equipment imported directly from abroad with high standard technology.
  • Provide industrial cleaning services with advanced CO2 cleaning technology for automotive industry, plastic processing, food processing, metal fabrication …

Special strengths of HOANG THANH CORP

Excellent cold storage: With the technology of international standards from high quality raw materials imported from Japan is tested environmentally friendly, dry ice products, gel stones, fiber is provided. HOANG THANH CORP always guarantees good quality with ability to keep cold for long time.

Advanced technology: Owning a production line of 1000m2 factory, at HOANG THANH CORP, we have the ability to produce CO2 dry stone, gel stone with a capacity of 10 tons per day to meet the demand of quantity production. Great product as well as delivery progress to customers.

Preferential pricing: With customer satisfaction criteria being a success in business, therefore, deep refrigeration products as well as industrial cleaning services from dry ice blast cleaning technology provide issued by HOANG THANH CORP always have attractive price and preferential regimes for customers.

Serving attentively: At HOANG THANH CORP, we always support 24/7 with the fastest and best service for customers.

 Our Vision, mission

Vision: We aim to become the leading unit in the field of production and distribution of cold storage stone products in Vietnam with the scale, the factory expanded to many provinces in the country.

Mission: Always mind working on the spirit of endless effort, HOANG THANH CORP always brings to customers the best solutions and products for cold storage, contributing to the development of the food industry. , health as well as cargo transport in Vietnam.

HOANG THANH CORP – the choice of prestige and quality. For more information about the products and services of your company please visit: http://hoangthanhcorp.com/ for more information.

Gọi: 0918. 068.157